Embassy had earlier announced that a proposal for establishing a school for Pakistani children in Japan was being suggested and considered for which names of relevant persons were invited to volunteer their services in preparing a report on the School for Pakistani children residing in Japan.

When the deadline for submitting names expired, a total of sixteen (16) names were received out of which seven (7) had applied for jobs as Teachers. Others either did not qualify or did not specify their role or area of expertise.

 Now therefore, it is once again announced that we are expecting such persons who can prepare a Feasibility Study Report on the proposal.

Volunteers are once again encouraged to register their names with the Embassy who can help in identifying the location, size, syllabus, teaching and administrative staff, affiliation in Japan or Pakistan or any third country, level of classes, medium of instruction in addition to securing NOC from relevant authority in Japan and source of funds to administer the school

While proposing their names, the interested persons are requested to kindly specify area of expertise towards preparing the Feasibility Report. This also applies to all our dear Pakistanis who have already proposed their names but not specified area of expertise.

Teachers are requested not to apply for this purpose, please. Teachers will be considered once the school is being established.  

It is therefore announced that it has been decided to extend the deadline for registration of volunteers for this noble cause until 31st October 2014.

It is now hoped that with a greater interest and contribution from the esteemed community, we shall be able to discuss the matter further.

Eid ul Adha Mubaarik!